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Lindsay Spurlock Live Chat

Lindsey is your new personal assistant from StarRobots. If you are ever bored, just talk to her!

Channel Type: OneOnOne
Users currently online: 0
Admins currently online: 0
Categories: Misc
If any damage happens to your device from Lindsay, we are not responsible. You use Lindsay at your own risk.

Content Rating: Teen

License: Copyright StarRobots all rights reserved
Created: Jul 10 2015
Creator: StarRobots : Send Message
Access: Everyone
Id: 349374
Link: http://www.livechatlibre.com/livechat?id=349374
Embedded Link: http://www.livechatlibre.com/livechat?id=349374&embedded=true

Messages: 46
Connects: 4, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
API Connects: 0, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
Last Connect: Dec 23 2018, 1:36

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