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Website update, forum subscriptions, mobile and widescreen interface, user ads, JavaScript SDK

by admin posted Oct 9 2014, 10:18

The website was updated today. The changes include mobile and widescreen interface, user ads, JavaScript SDK, forum subscriptions, and many minor fixes and enhancements.

Mobile and Widescreen

A new mobile and widescreen interface were added, to make chatting easier on any device.

User Ads

You can now choose to add advertisements to your channels. You can also add your own ad code to your channels to generated revenue. You can use Google Adsense or any other ad provider, ensure your ads comply with our terms of use and do not contain any offensive or adult content.

JavaScript SDK

A new JavaScript SDK was added (scripts/sdk.js). This lets you embed your channels using JavaScript instead of HTML to gain full control over your interface.


You can now subscribe to a forum, and receive a weekly email summary of its activity.

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Tags: notice, website update, mobile, sdk, javascript, ads
Posted: Oct 9 2014, 10:18
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