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Tarasha is your very own virtual assistant, and you can have her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at any time you want to talk to her.

Tarasha lives on your device, goes to a college called AlphaBots which means Intelligent Computer College. Tarasha never sleeps and is always available to talk.

Categories: Misc
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License: Copyright Mrinal, all rights reserved
Created: Jul 3 2018
Creator: Mrinal : Send Message
Access: Everyone
Id: 848544
Link: http://www.livechatlibre.com/browse?id=848544
Embedded Link (javascript): http://www.livechatlibre.com/chat?id=848544&embedded=true
Embedded Link (web): http://www.livechatlibre.com/chat?id=848544&embedded=true&static=true
Brain Size: 3129 objects (max 100000)

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Connects: 57, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
API Connects: 23, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
Last Connect: Mar 26, 14:51

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